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 4. Setting
Santa Cera Press
 Posted: Mar 13 2016, 01:55 PM
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The main setting of the site is a fictional town called Santa Cera, California. If this place existed, it would be located between Santa Cruz and Monterey:
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This places the town in Santa Cruz County. Santa Cera's main industries are fishing and tourism.


The town was discovered by various Spanish settlers during the early 1600s. During the 1700s Santa Cera became a port city and a popular destination for traders.

During the California Gold Rush, Santa Cera became a mining town. It saw a boom economically in the late 1800s due to gold mining as well as trading.

In the 1900s manufacturing overtook mining as the town's main economic resource. Mills were created for textiles, lumber, and other resources. In 1906 an earthquake caused the collapse of one of the town's more profitable mines, killing several of its miners.

After the construction of the Oceanview Amusement Park in 1913, the town became a popular tourist attraction and saw an economic revival. Since the early 1900s, Santa Cera has been a booming tourist town.


During the 1960s Santa Cera saw a rise in violent crimes and mysterious disappearances. This was thought to be due to the sensationalism of the Manson crimes in the area.

Santa Cera has had a high rate of murders, disappearances, and violent crimes thought to be caused by drug wars and gang violence.

The Supernatural

Unknown to the general public, there has always been a supernatural element to Santa Cera. There is a mystical energy within the town that dates back to Native American rituals and beliefs. It is thought to be a magical place where the spiritual world and the earthly world meet.

Catholicism became prevalent in Santa Cera with the arrival of Spanish settlers. As other settlers came to town from other areas, they brought their cultural beliefs with them. As a result, Santa Cera is a melting pot of mystical beliefs.
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