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 3. Species
Santa Cera Press
 Posted: Mar 13 2016, 12:05 PM
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All playable character types are described here. More will be added as the site grows. If you want to make something new fill out a New Species form and submit it for approval along with your corresponding character application. Once your species and character are approved your species will be added to this guide and you will be credited.

note: Getting your species approved before completing your character application may save you some time during the review process.


Celestial beings operate in higher realms associated with Heaven and the afterlife. Celestial creatures are malevolent and inherently good, but they can be swayed otherwise.

Angels were created to serve Heaven. They all have different jobs and specialties, but the common trait among them is that they protect and watch over earth and its inhabitants. All angels are strong and fast and they draw strength from prayer and religious talismans. All angels are hindered by the infernal.

Higher Being
Higher beings are earthly creatures who died and continued to do work for Heavenly realms. Being more earthly than celestial, higher beings don't have the same vulnerability to the infernal angels have. They also don't have the same amount of power. Individual abilities vary, but often include healing and telepathic abilities.

Nephilim are the offspring of celestial beings and earthly creatures, typically humans. Some go their whole lives never knowing what they are. Others develop abilities or feel compelled to combat the forces of darkness. They're more human than celestial and can be harmed or killed as humans can. They age, but tend to retain a youthful appearance.


"Fae" is a broad term for beings that come from the Faerie realms. There are two fae courts: Seelie (Light) and Unseelie (Dark) which govern all fae. Light fae tend to be lawfully good, respectful of authorities and higher ranking creatures. Dark fae tend to be chaotically good with little regard for law and authority. Light fae may not necessarily be kind and dark fae may not necessarily be malicious.

Elves are beautiful creatures, tall and lithe with fine, delicate features. They are productive beings, often healers or creators. They are not immortal, but their life spans are so long they're often perceived to be. They seem not to age for the same reasons.

Pixies are petite beings. In their natural forms, they're about the size of a dragonfly and they have wings similar to those of insects. They also have human forms they can shift into, but even in human form they tend to be smaller than the average person.

Halflings are the offspring of fae creatures and earthly beings. There are many different types and their powers and abilities vary.

Salamanders are elemental shapeshifters who connect with the element of fire.


Humans are mortals native to the earthly realm. They are the most populous species and are quite varied in terms of morality as well as supernatural knowledge.

Psychics are people with abilities linked to the will of the mind. How a psychic gets abilities may be different for everyone and each individual has different abilities and experience levels.

Hunters are people who combat the supernatural. Their reasons and skills vary.

A witch is a person skilled in using magic. Witches can be male or female, and may prefer to be called something else, such as magic users or magic practitioners.

Civilians are people with no supernatural inclinations, although they may know about the supernatural.


The incorporeal are beings with non-physical forms on the earthly plane. They come in many varieties.

Ghosts are disembodied souls or spirits of once-living individuals.

Vengeful Spirits
Vengeful spirits are malevolent beings who wish to do harm on the living.


Infernal beings operate in lower realms and they typically dwell in dimensions associated with Hell and the afterlife. Infernal creatures are typically malevolent and malicious, but they are not incapable of good.

Demons were created to serve in Hell. their duties and abilities vary. Their appearances can be quite terrifying and monstrous, so most aren't typically seen in their demonic forms on earth. They have human forms they take that reflect how they'd like to appear. Demons have existed almost as long as angels have. They were created from the first fallen angels cast out of Heaven. They are immortal and do not age in human form. Their powers are equal, but opposite to those of angels. They tend to be destructive and fear-inducing. They can be harmed or killed, but they're extremely durable and resilient. They're all very strong and have mind-reading abilities. Demons speak and understand multiple languages. They draw strength from fear and sorrow and are repelled by prayer as well as religious talismans.

Lower Being
Lower beings are earthly creatures who died and went to Hell, where they serve demons. They appear as they did in life, often with some sort of mark to represent the entity they serve, such as a brand, a tattoo, or something like a tail or a set of horns. The mark depends on the demon being served. Not all opt to mark their servants, but it's a common practice. Lower beings do the bidding of their masters for as long as their contracts stand. For some, servitude is eternal while for others it is temporary. It is possible for contracts to be extended or cut short. Because they're more human than demonic, lower beings can move among the earthly plane and interact with its inhabitants easily. They aren't affected by celestial prayers and objects.

Cambion are the offspring of infernal beings and earthly creatures, typically humans. Some have more prominent demonic heritage than others. They tend to be troubled, though not necessarily evil. They're largely human and can be harmed or killed by anything harmful to humans.


Beings that are created of made through unnatural means are known as inorganic.

Androids are entirely mechanical and electronic machines that look like earthly creatures, typically humans. They're all made for different reasons, so their traits tend to differ. They don't perform bodily functions nor do they age, eat, or sleep.

Cyborgs are living creatures with mechanical components, such as robotic limbs.


Creatures spoken of in myths and legends are known as mythical. They are often confused with Fae, as their realms neighbor one another, but the two are in fact different races. The mythical realms are ruled by a monarch known as a King or Queen with representatives from the monarch sitting thrones in each realm. These representatives titles vary. Some are Dukes, or Earls, for example. Representatives enforce laws and decide punishments within their realm. They also serve as liaisons to the monarch.

Sylphid are winged air elementals from the realm of Aerie.


Beings with animal forms as well as human forms.


Creatures that feed off others to survive.
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