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 Lumis, Winny, 31, Psychic, Maggie Siff
Winny Lumis
 Posted: Mar 18 2016, 07:27 PM
Winny Lumis
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They say time's supposed to heal ya, but I ain't done much healin'.
Travel Nurse
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Winifred "Winny" Lumis

31 . travel nurse . Maggie siff . human . psychic


Winny is five-foot-four with fair skin, dark hair and blue eyes. She doesn't wear much make-up, but she enjoys jewelry and accessories. She typically wears her hair tied back to keep it out of the way and she doesn't spend a lot of time styling it. Her clothing is pretty basic, as she's had to learn to pack light and fast. A few pairs of jeans, a few shirts, a pair of sneakers, socks and underwear. It's one of the reasons she loves to accessorize. She wears a lot of dark clothing (mostly because it doesn't show stains or wrinkles as easily as lighter tones).


Winny is a workaholic as well as a traveler. She's highly focused on her job, on helping people and bettering herself, and she can't seem to stay in one place too long. Because of these factors, she finds it very easy to detach from personal relationships or never to become attached at all. People in her life may see her as flighty or careless, but that's not actually true. She's not forgetful or flakey. If she leaves quickly and suddenly, it's not on a whim nor is it poorly planned. Winny is always planning several steps ahead and jumping from one thing to another - a job, a town, a project, a relationship. She's always on the move.

Being a nurse, Winny has a strong urge to help and to heal people. Ironically, she often gets quite attached to patients she treats. She enjoys making people feel better and taking care of others. Every person she helps save makes her happier with her life and her career. However, losing a patient or being unable to help someone drags her down hard.

Winny functions best when she feels in control. It's why her living space and work spaces are spotless and meticulously organized. She knows where everything is and that everything is clean. In a profession where she can't always predict or control what's going to happen to a patient, it's often necessary for her to latch onto some sort of control in other areas. This can sometimes make her a bit controlling or manipulative in personal relationships.

She has a clinical and logical mind. She thinks through things step by step and she tries to compartmentalize things. It's easy (and sometimes necessary) for her to separate her emotions from whatever she's doing. At work this is an asset, allowing her to be calm and rational in intensely emotional situations. In personal situations it can sometimes make her seem distant or cold.


tactile psychic healing - she can heal certain injuries and conditions through touch by taking in the bad energy and transferring healing energy from herself or something in her vicinity.

tactile energy reading - by touching a bodily area she can read its energy to detect ailment or injury.

medical knowledge - being a nurse, Winny is capable with patching up most typical injuries and treating various conditions.

keen dexterity - Winny has a steady hand.

fluent in French - Winny can speak and understand French. She can't read or write it as well.

problem solving - she's a natural problem solver, genuinely needing to get into things and find out how they tick.

calm under pressure - she's very good at compartmentalizing her emotions and keeps a cool exterior.

observation - Winny has a keen eye for detail.

good memory - she's very good at studying things and remembering.


tactile rebound - the more severe or complex the ailment, the more energy is needed and sometimes there are consequences, such as headaches, fatigue, and illness.

energy reading - doesn't always work on command and sometimes catches her by surprise.

combat - inexperienced in physical combat.

supernatural knowledge - knows very little about the supernatural.

strength - not physically strong.

weapons - inexperienced with weapons.

hard to read - holds in her emotions.

cold - can be detached.

insensitive - logic sometimes overcomes her feelings.

judgmental - tends to be opinionated and hard on others.


Winifred Lumis was the only child of Georgia and Ray Lumis on January 21st, 1985. She was raised in Portland, Maine. Her father was a pediatrician and her mother was a high school math teacher. Winny always had a curious nature and enjoyed investigating the world around her. She liked exploring and taking things apart to see how they worked. This led to her parents finding her in odd places and to her father finding various tools and appliances in pieces around the house.

Once school began Winny was a good student, eager to learn, but she had trouble making friends, preferring to keep to herself. She only played with children who interested her in some way, which typically meant her friends were the odd balls of the bunch. As a child, she was a bit of an outcast and had a somber way about her.

When Winny was thirteen she and her friends went exploring and came upon a sickly bird lying on the ground. They showed a passing interest and moved along, but when it was time to go home Winny went back on her own to check on the bird. She'd never dealt with serious illness or death before and as she knelt over the dead bird she began to cry. She wasn't even sure of the reason. Possibly because it was the first time she'd witnessed anything other than a pesky insect die. Winny wrapped the bird in her coat and took it home where she buried it in the yard. Her parents came home to find her sitting in the yard covered in dirt filling in a hole clearly having been crying. They were worried, especially when she told them about the dead bird she'd buried. Although they could understand her reasoning a bit it was a tad morbid and they had no way of knowing what sort of diseases the bird had been carrying. Her father took her to his practice the next day and examined her to determine she hadn't caught anything dreadful.

When the family returned home sometime in the afternoon, they found the yard scattered with dirt. The bird had been dug up. Clearly Winny hadn't done it. She'd been with Ray. She was terribly upset about it, having taken the time to put the creature in the ground in the first place. Georgia phoned the parents of Winny's friends she'd gone exploring with, anyone who knew about the bird, to find no one had known Winny had taken the thing, let alone that she'd buried it. The whole situation was troubling all around.

The next morning Ray and Georgia kept Winny home from school and had her grandmother stay at the house to keep an eye on her while they were at work. Winny awoke to find a bird chirping outside her window. It wasn't unusual. There were always birds outside. But this particular bird had a scarred wing still caked with dried blood and dirt. This was her bird that she'd buried. She didn't know how it had happened, but she knew it was something special. This bird was dead and now it wasn't and she couldn't tell anyone because that was "strange." So she kept her secret and kept an eye on her bird, losing track of which it was after a while. Unknown to Winny, this was the first manifestation of her special abilities.

Nothing of note happened for a few years after that. She continued doing well in school, made like-minded friends, dated a bit here and there. Winny was always a bit serious and aloof, focusing on her studies more than anything else, but there was nothing particularly alarming about her behavior or her routine. She developed an interest in science, joining clubs and signing up for contests. She built a small working robot that could walk and move about, which won her a science fair prize. After graduating high school it came as no surprise to anyone when she wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

Winny went to school in Boston to pursue a BA in nursing. She also had to get a part-time job to pay her way in the city. She worked at a convenience store while going to school, making for a packed schedule that didn't leave much room for herself or social activities. She got very used to multi-tasking, not having enough hours in the day, and constantly feeling drained and being busy. As a result, when she got time off she didn't know what to do with herself. She'd sleep in and then look for things to fill her day with. She'd take on more hours at work if she was staying in the area. Back home visiting she'd meet up with old friends, go for walks, take on random projects like crocheting with her grandmother just to give her something to do while she sat at home.

Winny's first serious relationship developed in her junior year of college. Mason Thomas was a fellow student she'd shared a class with her freshman year and promptly forgotten about until they shared another class junior year. It was a big school and losing track of people was easy to do. They were lab partners in their Chemistry class and became close throughout the semester. They kept in touch over winter break and throughout the rest of the year. Before they left for summer break and she went back home, Mason revealed he liked her and she was left to ponder his feelings and hers over the summer. When she returned for her senior year she and Mason began dating.

It wasn't until Winny graduated and began working as a nurse in a Boston hospital that her abilities resurfaced. Once she began treating patients odd things began to happen. A patient that was sickly would improve while another seemingly healthy patient would take a turn. This wasn't anything particularly alarming. Illnesses spread in a hospital. But Winny began to notice a personal pattern. Patients she took a particular liking to were more likely to improve while those she disliked seemed to take a bad turn. Whenever a patient of hers began to improve, Winny began to feel ill or drained of energy.

About a year into her job Winny was miserable. She was always tired or sick and she was spending so much time at work Mason was feeling neglected and they were arguing. Her family missed her. She had no friends to speak of. And then one of her patients died while she and the doctor were working on him. That was nothing particularly abnormal. She'd lost patients before. But this one didn't stay dead for long. After the machines had been switched off and the doctor had called the official time of death Winny and a fellow nurse were cleaning up and preparing the body. As Winny touched the corpse the man appeared to gasp. It freaked her out as well as the other nurse, but it was something known to happen with corpses. Trapped gasses or some such thing. And then the man opened his eyes and grabbed Winny's wrists, his mouth moving as he tried to speak. The other nurse rushed from the room to get a doctor. The man's recovery was thought of as a miracle at the hospital. Winny knew better. This was the bird all over again. Something "strange."

She couldn't help feeling this strange thing was something positive. She'd saved a man's life, after all. What was so bad about that? And then the next patient she treated, a healthy young woman recovering from a car wreck, died quite suddenly and Winny knew this was not a gift without a curse to go along with it. Any life she saved would come at a price.

After the incident Winny got distant at home despite Mason's attempts to reach her. She cleaned the apartment obsessively and got upset with him for being messy or cluttered. Finally they broke up and went their separate ways. Winny couldn't help feeling that it was her fault. If she'd told him her secret, let him in, maybe things would have turned around. Or, maybe he would've thought she was mental and taken off anyway. It would simply remain an unknown path.

Winny left the hospital, not liking the rumors circulating about the bizarre incident with the dead man. She stayed with her parents in Maine for a few months after moving out of the apartment she'd shared with Mason in Boston. While seeking another job Winny discovered she could be a traveling nurse who worked all over the country filling in where she was needed. It would be perfect. If some strange phenomenon happened because of her strangeness she'd be gone before anyone could pinpoint her. It would give her time to figure it out while still doing her job.

Now, Winny has been a travel nurse for a few years. What began as a temporary thing became a career. Although she's gained a better understanding of her ability, she doesn't have full control over it and she's hesitant to use it for fear of unknown consequences. Traveling has made it difficult to have a relationship, but it's also allowed her to make acquaintances all over.


EST . other characters: Althea Blake, Branden Ashdown

Santa Cera Press
 Posted: Mar 18 2016, 07:36 PM
Santa Cera Press
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