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Berrick Hearthstone


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Mar 18 2016, 09:42 PM
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<h1> Berrick "Brick" Hearthstone</h1>

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<h3>immortal . unemployed . Dominic Monaghan . fae . salamander</h3>
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<p>In human form, Brick is 5' 7" and he's thin and scrawny. His size varies when he shifts, depending on the situation. Naturally he has blonde hair that lightens in the sun. He usually keeps it short, but occasionally it'll grow out along with a beard if he's feeling lazy. His eyes are blue-green in human form. They change when he shifts, depending on what he's shifting into. When using his fire affinity in human form his eyes become orange-yellow.<p>

As a man he paints his fingernails and has a habit of writing and drawing on himself. He has a number of tattoos he can glamour out of sight if he chooses. As a Fae creature disguised as a man, he can have many distinctive features. When using his fire affinity his eyes turn orange or yellow and his skin may appear to glow from within (as your hand seems to do if you hold a flashlight beneath your fingers in the dark). His body temperature runs hot and he often feels warmer than he should. Occasionally he will partially shapeshift, which can give him new or altered features. When traveling by fire or shifting from fire form he leaves soot and ash in his wake and can sometimes leave or carry a smell of sulfur.


<p> Berrick's demeanor reflects his connection to fire. He can be explosive and wildly unpredictable. He's also passionate and fierce. What he feels, he feels deeply and intensely. On the surface he generally has a warm and sunny disposition and tends to seem approachable, if not particularly outgoing. However, he's easily slighted and can be vengeful.<br><br>

As a Fae, Brick has a moral code he adheres to. His home, wherever it may be, is important to him and he doesn't take kindly to it being disrespected. Coming into his home uninvited, trailing dirt inside, disorganizing his belongings and touching his things without permission are all actions that will upset or affront him. Because he holds his own home in such high regard, he respects the homes of others. Not only will he not enter a home uninvited, he is physically unable to do so, as it violates his moral code and would count as breaking an unspoken honor bond. He is also unable to remain in a home if his invitation is rescinded.<br><br>

By nature Brick is deceptive, keeping aspects of himself secretive. He goes by "Brick" and doesn't reveal his true name of Berrick. Anyone who learns his true name will have power of him, to banish him from this plane or to summon him at will. He rarely reveals his true name and he doesn't like being asked to. Once is understandable, but being asked more than once will make him suspicious and angry. It may seem irrational to whoever's on the receiving end. He doesn't like his privacy being invaded. Finding someone snooping won't go over well with him.<br><br>

Contrarily, Brick doesn't like to be lied to or deceived. It won't make him happy. However, he does understand the necessity of deception and he can be reasoned with. A lie to spare his feelings or a lie to protect oneself could be forgiven. A lie to manipulate him or get something out of him would not be easily forgiven or made up for.<br><br>

Brick is quick to anger. If affronted or offended (sometimes by seemingly arbitrary things) he can fly into a rage and it's nearly impossible to calm him down or reason with him. It's best to flee, demand he leave your home, or dump water on him to prevent him from scorching everything in his vicinity. It takes him a while to simmer down and he tends to brood and inwardly smolder. He can hold a grudge a long while and it can be very difficult to win him back over.<br><br>

The best way to get on the right side of Berrick is to be hospitable. Invite him to a party or to share a meal at your table. He'll always bring some sort of gift to warm your house. Offering him gifts could either win him your favor or make him suspicious, depending on how well he knows you and what your rapport is. A stranger offering him a gift would make him feel you were trying to gain an upper hand. Someone who's wronged him offering him a gift may seem like an effort at an apology. A gift from someone he's fond of would always be welcome and gain favor. He loves sweets and baked goods.<br><br>

Brick is very protective of those he cares for or those he's attached to (through some sort of bargain). It can be a bit pesty, but also very handy. He'll harm anyone who threatens those he loves, whether it's a good idea or not.<br><br>

<p> <strong>skills</strong>

<p><b>Shapeshifting:</b> <i>Brick can shift into various forms. The easiest and most natural thing for him to change into is a black and yellow tiger salamander about twelve inches long. Using his fire affinity and quite a bit of energy, he can shift partially or fully into fire. With effort and magical aid, he can shift into almost any reptilian or amphibious creature either partially or entirely.</i>

<p><b>Disease Immunity:</b> <i>He is immune to most human diseases, but not magical ones like those caused by curses.</i>

<p><b>Rapid Healing:</b> <i>Brick heals quickly from injury, though not as quickly as other types of creatures.</i>

<p><b>Fire Affinity:</b> <i>His fire affinity allows him to manipulate existing fire with his will. He can also touch fire without being burned. Brick can become fire with effort and energy. He can withstand intense heat without ill effects. Calling on the element of fire during spells and rituals will add power to whatever he's doing and make it more effective.</i>

<p><b>Energy Manipulation:</b> <i>Brick can absorb energy from other sources (the sun in particular, fire, electrical sources, battery-powered electronics) with his will to use his abilities, perform a spell, or to replenish his energy to perform magic or heal. He can also act as a conduit for certain types of energy, transferring it from one being to another or from one place to another. He has to be at full capacity to do this and it's helpful if the beings involved are receptive to him doing it. If he attempts energy transference while poorly energized he'll drain the energy source he's pulling from.</i>

<p><b>Fire Travel:</b> <i>He's capable of traveling using fire. He can hop from one fire source to another. He can reach into a fireplace, be consumed by it, and travel to another fireplace or fire pit, etc. Dowsing a fire in water as he appears in it will send him back to the fire source he came from.</i>

<p><b>Magic:</b> <i>In addition to having a natural gift for magic that comes from within, Brick has trained himself in several kinds of magic. He has several spells he's mastered and memorized he can do without much preparation provided he has the energy. Brick can perform most spells and rituals, even those that are complex, with the right ingredients and adequate time to prepare.</i>

<p><b>Music:</b> <i>Although he doesn't have much of a singing voice, Brick is skilled with many musical instruments. He can play the guitar and piano; he's decent with drums. He can't read music, but he can play almost anything by ear.</i>

<p> <strong>hindrances</strong>

<p><b>Water:</b> <i>As he's attuned to fire, water hinders his abilities. The presence of water alone isn't enough to affect him, but water touching him will prevent him from accessing his fire affinity. Magic calling on the element of water will counteract his own magic. He cannot shapeshift if he's drenched in water. Brick can't swim.</i>

<p><b>Cold Temperatures:</b> <i>A heat-driven creature, Brick doesn't do well in the cold. It takes him longer to get cold than it may take others, but once he starts feeling discomfort from the cold (goosebumps, teeth chattering, etc.) it doesn't take long for him to become incapacitated. He can stave off the cold using his fire ability, but it will drain him of energy and he'll only be able to keep it up as long as his energy and the sources around him allow.</i>

<p><b>Invitation:</b> <i>As part of his personal moral code, Brick respects the private homes of others. He can't and won't enter a home without having been invited by someone living in it. He also must leave a home if he's outstayed his welcome and his invitation is revoked unless the living space is one he shares with someone else. Brick's definition of a home is anything someone considers his or her living space and can include motel rooms as well as open land (such as a section of forest a werewolf pack claims).</i>

<p><b>Combat:</b> <i>In human form Brick isn't terribly strong. He's also not very good at fighting physically.</i>

<p><b>Protective Items:</b> <i>Some will or belief based objects will affect him. Protective talismans tied to magic are particularly useful in warding him off as he has a strong tie to magic himself and, therefore, a strong belief in it. Items blessed with holy water are also effective because their protection is based in water, which hinders him. Other kinds of protective items (like salt and iron believed generally to harm Fae or like rosaries thought to be generally protective by those who believe in them) may repel him, depending on the amount of belief the one wielding them has in the objects.</i>

<p><b>Name:</b> <i>Anyone who learns his true name has the power to banish him from this plane or summon him at will.</i>


<p> Berrick was born of fire. He crawled out of a blaze in his home world and emerged a small juvenile salamander. He remained in that form for a time as he matured and developed intelligence and coherent thoughts. After growing into a fully mature salamander he gradually learned to change his appearance in small ways at first (the color or pattern of his skin, his size, his eye color). Over time he learned to revert back to his native form of fire and back again to his salamander form. Eventually he used this ability to cross over to the earthly plane, reverting to fire and traveling from one dimension to the other.<br><br>

It was during his visits to the earthly plane that he discovered humans. As a salamander he traveled among them, learning their languages, their habits and mannerisms. Eventually he learned to shapeshift into the form of a human man. It took quite a bit of observation and time for him to figure out how to live among them. Over time he became an excellent mimic and he was able to pass for human. Throughout his lifetime Berrick has visited earth many times, sometimes for a long while and sometimes for a short while.


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<h3>EST . other characters: Althea Blake, Branden Ashdown, Winny Lumis</h3>




Mar 18 2016, 09:31 PM
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<h1>New Species Application</h1>

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<u>Origins:</u> Salamanders are fire elementals from the Faerie. They can be born to Fae parents, created through magic, or they can manifest from fire. Although fire elementals have existed for as long as fire, salamanders specifically are a new race, compared to other types of Fae.<br>
<u>Status:</u> They're on the less common side in human form, but they routinely visit earth in the form of fire or other creatures.<br>
<u>Physiology:</u> Salamanders have a unique, fluid physiology that changes with whatever form they take. In human form they possess most normal human bodily functions. However, they require less sleep than typical humans and display a higher level of energy. They are immune to human diseases, but can be killed or injured. Salamanders tend to run hot, having a higher than normal body temperature in human form. This stems from their affinity for fire. They may have other distinctive traits, such as lizard-type eyes, scales, etc. These vary by the individual. Salamanders are immortal and ageless.<br>
<u>Abilities:</u> All salamanders have a natural way with fire. They're able to manipulate it, draw from it and, in some cases, create or become fire. They can shapeshift either partly or completely, typically into an amphibian or reptile. Some may have a broader shapeshifting spectrum to draw from than others, depending on their lineage and power level. All salamanders are capable of some form of fast travel, whether it's flight, teleportation or faster than normal walking/running speed. Those who can become fire may also be able to travel as fire does: quickly and erratically. Individual salamanders may have other abilities other than those listed. Their shapeshifting abilities and ranges vary. One may shift into a snake while one may grow claws like a lizard's. Others may be able to shift into several different things.<br>
<u>Vulnerabilities:</u> Salamanders aren't fond of cold weather. It takes them longer to be bothered by it than it may take other creatures, as their temperatures run hotter than most other creatures, but once the cold gets to a salamander it can be debilitating, hindering their abilities and causing great discomfort. The element of water counter-acts fire naturally. So is true for water itself and powers or spells calling on the element of water. Physically, water counter-acts and nullifies salamander abilities. Spiritually, calling on the element of water will strengthen a spell or ability directed at a salamander, making it more effective. Although water is not crippling or debilitating for a salamander, it's not something they're fond of. Although salamanders are trickier than most fae (able to lie easier and more freely than others), they are bound to their word and must honor any deals or pacts they make. Individual salamanders may have other weaknesses.
<u>Morality:</u> Neutral.

<h3>by Thea for Brick</h3>


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