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Branden Ashdown


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Mar 16 2016, 07:17 PM
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<h1>Branden Ashdown</h1>

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<h3>37 . police detective . lucas bryant . fae . halfling</h3>
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<p>Braden is 6' 2" tall with an athletic, muscular build. He has grey eyes and light brown hair he keeps neatly cut. His basic style could be aptly described as "business casual." A nice pair of jeans and a button-down shirt with a pair of boots is a typical outfit. It's not unheard of for him to wear some ratty jeans and a t-shirt on his downtime, but he's normally pretty pulled together.


<p>Intelligent: He has a decent balance of book smarts and street smarts, though sometimes the book smart end is less apparent on the surface. He's well-read and well-studied and he has experience in the field. He has very minimal knowledge of the supernatural.

<p>Coarse: He comes off kind of rough around the edges, which is usually surprising considering his clean cut appearance. Branden's tone can be a bit coarse and abrasive at times, though he usually doesn't mean any offense by it. He has a dryly sarcastic sense of humor that doesn't always go over.

<p>Hard-working: Branden is a humble, hard-working man. He's a bit of a workaholic and it can be difficult to get him to loosen up. Long-term romance has been difficult for him, as he tends to get wrapped up in his work.

<p>Critical: He's hard on himself, his own worst critic. He also has high standards for others and he can be harsh when he's disappointed or angry.

<p> <strong>skills</strong>

<p>Death Warning: Branden has a precognitive ability to glimpse death before it occurs. He can't control when or how it's triggered. It seems to turn off and on by itself at random. How long he glimpses a death before it occurs and how much information he gets vary. Branden only glimpses the deaths of those he's had some sort of interaction with. Although he's mostly seen human deaths, his ability could also apply to other living things. He's only just started attempting to utilize his ability and there is room for him to gain more control and insight through RP. This ability could also be expanded to include other precognitive type aspects (such as premonitions), but this would be done through RP.

<p>Clairvoyance: Branden is more psychically perceptive than the typical person, though he's not aware of it. He can see through glamours, for example.

<p>Combat Skills: He's in good physical shape, he's been trained in combat, and he's been in a bar fight or two in his day. He's scrappy. He's not aware that there are things out in the world that could wipe the floor with him, so he may be a bit too quick to throw down at times.

<p>Marksmanship: He's been trained to shoot various weapons and his aim is exceptional. He could probably figure out how to use other long-range weapons (such as a crossbow).

<p>Investigation: Branden is very detail-oriented and tends to pick up on clues. He's been trained to be highly investigative and is naturally inquisitive. He's also very logical, so anything that doesn't make immediate sense may elude him.

<p> <strong>hindrances</strong>

<p>Truth: Branden has a natural inclination to be honest and lying makes him uncomfortable. He tends to have obvious tells even for those who don't know him.

<p>Iron: He has a mild allergy to iron, though he's unaware of it. The presence of iron in his vicinity will weaken or nullify his abilities and if he were stabbed with iron it would cause a more grievous wound than it would a typical man. The wound also wouldn't heal as quickly or as easily.

<p>Occult: Other than his own ability, Branden has very little experience with the supernatural.

<p>Workaholic: He's a bit of a workaholic and it can be difficult to get him to loosen up. Long-term romance has been difficult for him, as he tends to get wrapped up in his work.

<p>Closed-minded: Anything that seems strange or doesn't make immediate sense may elude him


<p> Branden Ashdown was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Carey and Marilyn Ashdown. He has one older brother named Carey Jr. and one younger brother named Stephen. Carey Sr. was a fire fighter and Marilyn was a guidance counselor at one of the local high schools. They were a working middle class family. The boys all had chores to do and it was often Carey Jr.'s responsibility to look after the other two boys: cooking, helping with homework, making sure they cleaned their rooms. Branden liked the outdoors, so he usually volunteered for the outside chores: mowing the lawn and pulling weeds in the spring and summer, raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter. Stephen usually did the indoor chores: cleaning the floors and windows, doing dishes, feeding the dog, cleaning litter boxes.<br><br>

The first hint that something was a bit off about Branden came when he was eight years old and told his mom their oldest cat, Millie, would be dead before breakfast the next morning. Marilyn was troubled by this and sent Branden to his room for the night, thinking he was trying to get attention or to get a rise out of her. When she found Millie curled up in her closet dead and cold, she was horrified. She couldn't help but wonder if Branden had done something to the cat. Carey thought it was coincidence. The cat was old, maybe it had seemed sick and Branden had caught on so he'd said something to Marilyn, and now the cat was dead. When Marilyn talked to Branden he insisted he'd seen the cat dead the day before it actually died. Marilyn wasn't sure what to make of it, so she let it go and things carried on like normal.<br><br>

In school, Branden excelled in some subjects and floundered in others. He was good with English and History, and terrible with Math and Science. He loved sports, particularly baseball and hockey depending on the season. He played little league as a kid. When he got to high school he played baseball for a season before he fell in love with hockey. He got his first job when he was fifteen, working as a check-out clerk at a grocery store. He split his time between school, hockey, and work, which made it difficult to have much of a social life. His friends consisted mostly of other guys on the hockey team and casual acquaintances. He had two girlfriends in high school. One was a cheerleader for the team and the other was on the girls' soccer team. In both relationships their busy schedules made it impossible for them to spend enough time together. By his senior year he was single, focusing on his grades, and considering college.<br><br>

One spring morning Branden's father woke up just after dawn to find Branden sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. In the winter it wasn't unusual for Branden to wake up before sunrise to go down to the hockey rink and practice. In the spring, it was odd. When Carey asked what Branden was doing up so early, Branden hesitated before saying simply "Couldn't sleep." As Carey poured himself a cup of coffee, Branden told him not to go to the firehouse that day. It was Carey's day off, so he was a bit confused. Branden insisted, "Dad, I got a bad feeling about today. Just don't go, alright?" Carey agreed, troubled. Before leaving for school, Branden hugged his dad and told him one more thing: "Go for the window. Not the stairs." It wasn't until later that afternoon when Carey was called in to help put out a raging fire in an apartment building that his son's strange behavior made sense. When he found himself trapped on the third story, he thought he had a clear shot to the stairs. Unknown to him, the lower level had been engulfed in fire and smoke. He got just passed the second floor landing when he realized he wouldn't be able to reach an exit. He tried to head back up the stairs to get to a window, but was unsuccessful. He was recovered from the building and rushed to the hospital, but eventually died of smoke inhalation.<br><br>

After the death of his father, Branden decided to attend a local college in order to stay home and look out for his mother and his younger brother Stephen. Carey Jr. had since moved out to start a life of his own. Marilyn found it difficult to survive without Carey and, with his eldest brother out of the picture for the most part, the responsibility fell on Branden to take care of his mom and his younger brother. He majored in Criminal Justice while working for the city as a road worker. He mainly kept roads clean, spread gravel, and patched holes. Occasionally he assisted construction crews with road repairs. In the winter he plowed snow off the roads. During his four-year college experience, Branden was frequently overwhelmed and worn out. He suffered from bouts of insomnia, anxiety attacks, and what he assumed were hallucinations. He'd get a flash of someone beaten and bloody, or he'd think he saw someone passed out on the ground. When he started hearing about the deaths of local residents and classmates, Branden realized he'd somehow gotten quick previews of their deaths before they occurred. Predicting his father's death hadn't simply been a fluke like he'd let himself believe. He had a gift, or a curse, and if he used it maybe he could save some people. The belated realization that maybe he could have saved his father instilled a guilt in Branden that was often transferred to those he tried to help. Every person he could save, in a way, was him trying to save his father all over again.<br><br>

Branden enrolled in the police academy after graduating from college. He excelled in the course and eventually got a job as a patrol officer for the city of Boston and made his way into the division that handled traffic. The fact that he grew up in Boston and his prior experience as a road worker meant he knew the streets well and he had a knack for working traffic cases. Because his ability often led him to those who died violent deaths, Branden decided to take his career in a different direction where he could put his gift to better use. He transferred to a division that handled violent crimes, but quickly found he had trouble handling violent cases. Domestic violence cases, in particular those involving children, caused him a lot of anxiety and emotional distress as well as intense guilt if he couldn't solve a case or help a family. After a particularly trying case, Branden was given a paid leave pending a psychological review.<br><br>

Branden traveled to Los Angeles following a lead on what he believed to be a serial killer connected to a few of his latest visions. His latest hunch has lead him to Santa Cera.


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<h3>est . other characters: Althea Blake</h3>




Mar 16 2016, 06:51 PM
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<h1>New Species Application</h1>

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<u>Origins:</u> "Halfling" is a broad term for a descendent of a Fae bloodline as well as other heritage, normally human. This occurs when full-blooded fae breed with human or human-like creatures. Because of the ancient, powerful nature of the Fae, their bloodline will always be dominant, no matter how distant or diluted the heritage.<br>
<u>Status:</u> Halflings are more commonly found on earth than full Fae, but are not as common as typical humans.<br>
<u>Physiology:</u> Halflings look and function like typical humans, though they may be more youthful in appearance and age more slowly than typical humans.<br>
<u>Abilities:</u> Halflings can have any of a wide range of abilities. All halflings are clairvoyant, meaning they can perceive things outside of normal human perception, and all may have access to the Faerie realm.<br>
<u>Vulnerabilities:</u> All halflings are wired to tell the truth in some way and all halflings have some discomfort around iron.<br>
<u>Morality:</u> Neutral

<h3>by Thea for Branden Ashdown</h3>


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