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Santa Cera Press
 Posted: May 27 2017, 10:16 AM
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New Species Application



Origins: Demons were created to serve in Hell. They were created from the first fallen angels cast out of Heaven and into Hell. They’ve existed for almost as long as angels have.
Status: Demons are as common as angels, though they’re not as discreet, so their presence tends to be more apparent than that of angels.
Physiology: Specific physiologies vary depending on the type of demon. Overall, demons are ageless and immortal, and their true forms are quite monstrous, varying by individual. They have human forms they take on earth that make it easier for them to operate undetected, but also limit their power to an extent. They’re very durable and difficult to harm or kill (but it can be done). They don’t require as much sleep as a typical person does. In human form, they function more or less like typical humans.
Abilities: Individual demons have different abilities. All of them are very durable, able to take a lot of physical abuse before wearing down. All demons can speak and understand all languages and their abilities tend to be fear-inducing.
Vulnerabilities: Demons are repelled by prayer and religious talismans. Individual vulnerabilities vary by individual, depending on the type of demon and specialty.
Morality: Demons are generally evil, but can be swayed otherwise.

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