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May 27 2017, 10:16 AM
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<h1>New Species Application</h1>

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<u>Origins:</u> Demons were created to serve in Hell. They were created from the first fallen angels cast out of Heaven and into Hell. They’ve existed for almost as long as angels have. <br>
<u>Status:</u> Demons are as common as angels, though they’re not as discreet, so their presence tends to be more apparent than that of angels.<br>
<u>Physiology:</u> Specific physiologies vary depending on the type of demon. Overall, demons are ageless and immortal, and their true forms are quite monstrous, varying by individual. They have human forms they take on earth that make it easier for them to operate undetected, but also limit their power to an extent. They’re very durable and difficult to harm or kill (but it can be done). They don’t require as much sleep as a typical person does. In human form, they function more or less like typical humans.<br>
<u>Abilities:</u> Individual demons have different abilities. All of them are very durable, able to take a lot of physical abuse before wearing down. All demons can speak and understand all languages and their abilities tend to be fear-inducing.<br>
<u>Vulnerabilities:</u> Demons are repelled by prayer and religious talismans. Individual vulnerabilities vary by individual, depending on the type of demon and specialty.<br>
<u>Morality:</u> Demons are generally evil, but can be swayed otherwise.

<h3>by Thea for E.D.H.D.</h3>


Dec 24 2016, 07:52 PM
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<h1>the fae</h1>

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"Fae" refers to any creature native to the Faerie realms, or one born from Faerie parents.

<h2>The Faerie Realms</h2>

The Faerie is the dimension Fae creatures dwell in or come from. It includes different areas, known as realms within the Fae community.<br><br>

<strong>The Realm of Aes Sídhe</strong><br>
Most of the homes are underground, with large hills or mounds as their entrances.<br><br>

<strong>The Seelie and Unseelie</strong><br>
The Seelie and Unseelie courts.<br><br>

The mythical island of Arthurian legend.<br><br>

<strong>The Nine</a></strong><br>
These are the nine lands of Norse mythology. <br><br>


There are two fae courts: Seelie (Light) and Unseelie (Dark) which govern all fae. The two Courts represent two differing ruling styles. They were dubbed Light and Dark by humans based on which were friends to them and which were foes. The Seelie Court is progressive in its way, adapting well to change. The Seelie are honorable, reasonable, and light-hearted. They work well with humans and other races and tend to change laws as necessary to keep up with the changing world. The Unseelie Court holds to tradition. The Unseelie are wary of change and untrusting of humans. They are proud, passionate, and clever. They tend to stick to their own, not trusting others well enough to work with them. Each land within the Faerie has its own set of ruling monarchs: one Light and one Dark. Together, all rulers form the High Council. They meet to decide laws, negotiate treaties, and tend to other realm-wide affairs. There is also The Low Council, which is made up of members elected by the citizens of their respective lands and sworn in by the High Council. The Low Council keeps day to day authority in the realms and they appoint officers to aid in that effort. Although there is a truce between the Seelie and Unseelie courts, there is discord between the two due to a difference in ruling styles.<br><br>

Despite the two ruling Courts, the same basic laws govern all Fae creatures:<br><br>

<strong>Keep Your Word</strong><br>
A Fae's word is a bond that cannot be broken. They also can't lie outight. However, a Fae can carefully word a promise to allow for loopholes. Although other races are not bound by this law, it's worth noting that to enter a contract with a Fae is to agree to suffer the consequences governed by Fae law if that contract is broken.<br><br>

<strong>Be Wary of Gifts</strong><br>
Gift giving in the Fae community is considered an exchange. The gift giver expects something in return, or a gift may be given as repayment for a favor. Although Fae are aware that other races give gifts out of celebration or kindness, their own laws make them wary of unsolicited gifts, as they tend to obligate them to repay the gift-giver.<br><br>

<strong>Blood, Sweat, and Tears</strong><br>
Fae are appreciative of gestures and sacrifices. If someone sheds tears, bleeds, or even sweats for them, they consider that a priceless gift. It is not uncommon for a Fae to ingest tears or blood they feel has been offered to them. This is considered a very intimate act and will often lead a Fae to become emotionally attached or obsessed with the person who shed the tears and/or blood, depending on the temperament of the Fae.
[*]Protect Innocent Life – Children, Fae or otherwise, are considered innocent and should be protected. Mothers, by extension, are also not to be harmed. Fae will protect mothers and children.<br><br>

<strong>Respect Territory</strong><br>
Fae respect the homes and territories of one another, and expect their own homes to be respected. What this means varies by the type of Fae and the individual. Because of how they view homes, they're very appreciative of being offered hospitality. They also get offended if they offer hospitality and are turned down.
[*]True Name – A Fae's true name is a powerful asset outside the Fae realm. It can be used to summon a Fae, and to make spells and curses more effective. A Fae cannot reveal the true name of another Fae to someone else without permission. Fae rarely tell those outside the Faerie their true names, and doing so is a sign of great trust and intimacy.


Dec 24 2016, 01:06 PM
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<h1>New Species Application</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">


<p><strong>Higher Being</strong><br><br>

<u>Origins:</u> Higher beings are earthly creatures who continue to do work for Heavenly realms after they die. They have existed for as long as mortal creatures have.<br>
<u>Status:</u> They are about as common as humans, having a large population and being more frequently seen on earth than angels.<br>
<u>Physiology:</u> They appear on earth and in Heaven as they did in life without any ailments they may have had, such as poor vision and health problems. They have all the same physiological traits as humans do, such as eating and sleeping.<br>
<u>Abilities:</u> Individual abilities vary, but often include healing and telepathic powers.<br>
<u>Vulnerabilities:</u> Being more earthly than celestial, higher beings don't have the same vulnerability to the infernal angels have. They also don't have the same amount of power. They are vulnerable to the same things mortal humans would be, such as injury and disease.<br>
<u>Morality:</u> This species is generally good, though they can be hindered or swayed.

A healer is a type of higher being that protects and heals people. Some healers protect distant members of their families while others aren't picky about who they help. This type of higher being is inspired by the white lighters in <i>Charmed</i>.

A guide is a type of higher being who offers guidance and advice to people, particularly those they feel a strong connection to. This type of higher being is inspired by the higher beings in <i>Angel</i>.

<h3>by Thea for E.D.H.D.</h3>


Dec 24 2016, 12:54 PM
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<h1>New Species Application</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">



<u>Origins:</u> Angels were created to serve Heaven. Who or what created them is up for debate, even among the angelic community. Much like humans, angels have a lot of theories and some have faith in their Creator, but there is no proof or certainty. They have existed since the creation of earth and they are its protectors. They watch over earth and its inhabitants.<br>
<u>Status:</u> Angels are common, although they're pretty discreet in their earthly operations, so it may not always be apparent that they're around.<br>
<u>Physiology:</u> Angels are ageless and immortal, but their true forms are too great to be contained by earthly constraints or to be perceived by earthly creatures. When manifesting on earth, angels have human forms with ages equivalent to their power and experience levels. An experienced angel may appear middle aged. A worn out or injured angel may appear elderly. In human form, angels age slower than typical humans. They can be hurt or killed. It's simply difficult to do, as angels heal rapidly. In human form, angels do all the things humans do: eat, sleep, procreate, urinate, etc.<br>
<u>Abilities:</u> Specific abilities vary by individual, depending on their jobs and specialties. All angels are strong and fast and they draw strength from prayer and religious talismans. They also naturally heal very rapidly.<br>
<u>Vulnerabilities:</u> Specific vulnerabilities vary by individual, depending on their jobs and specialties. All angels are hindered by the infernal.<br>
<u>Morality:</u> This species is generally good, though they can be hindered or swayed.

A warrior is a type of angel specializing in combat and battle. Their strongest abilities are those involving strength. They often manifest on earth during times of great evil. These types of angels are inspired by the angels in <i>Supernatural</i>.

Fallen angels are those who have descended from Heaven and dwell on earth as humans with minor abilities. How much of their previous selves they remember depends on how and why they fell. These types of angels are inspired by the fallen angels in <i>Supernatural</i>.

<h3>by Thea for E.D.H.D.</h3>


Mar 23 2016, 04:13 PM
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<div class="n-p-main">

There are several different worlds available here. We operate in what's called a multiverse: several different dimensions all exist beside one another, but separately from one another. Each universe as its own laws and species. Time may pass differently in one universe compared to another.

<p><strong>note:</strong> Worlds do not have to go through any kind of review process. Just tell us a little about your world in your character and species applications so it can be added here.<p>

If anything new is added to the world's canon (such as saying in a post a world has a green sky and 4 moons visible) please do me a favor and reply here with a link to the thread so I can update this accordingly.


The Aerie is a non-physical plane consisting of psychic energy and dreamlike visions. Because of the absence of physical violence and pain, there is no war in the Aerie. It is a peaceful place where the mind and soul are free from constraints.


Earth refers to the mortal realm humans call home.


The Faerie realm is very large and includes many different territories and Fae inhabitants. Time works very differently in the Faerie than it does on Earth. A mortal may visit the Faerie for what seems like a few hours, only to return and find they've been gone several months. The Faerie is accessible to Fae and Mythical creatures and those who share bloodlines with those beings. It's also possible to slip into the Faerie by stepping into a Faerie ring: an earthly area that is a gateway to the Fae realm.


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