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Gavin McCreedy


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Jul 2 2016, 04:19 PM
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<h1>New Species Application</h1>

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<u>Origins:</u> Nephilim are the offspring of angels and humans. This can be direct offspring as well as several generations removed. They have existed for as long as humanity has existed.<br>
<u>Status:</u> It's not super common, but it's not as rare as one might think.<br>
<u>Physiology:</u> A nephilim functions as a normal human does, with the exception of potential accelerated healing or enhanced durability. Nephilim aren't immortal, but they have longer life spans than typical humans and they age slowly.<br>
<u>Abilities:</u> They all have some degree of enhanced healing and increased durability: they're harder to hurt by mortal means than regular humans. Individual nephilim may have any number of varying abilities, but they all pull from the same celestial pool.<br>
<u>Vulnerabilities:</u> Despite having a bit of an edge, nephilim are mortal and they can be harmed by anything that would harm a regular person. They are especially hindered by the infernal, as its their opposite.<br>
<u>Morality:</u> Although they stem from good, a person's upbringing and character determines his or her morality. Each individual nephilim has a differing morality.

The chosen are a type of nephilim who are almost exclusively young women gifted with superior strength, durability, and stamina. They are destined to combat evil on earth. This type of nephilim is inspired by the slayers of <i>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</i>.

A scion is a type of nephilim from a particular angelic bloodline. They are almost exclusively male and are destined to effect battles between good and evil on earth. They tend to have highly intuitive abilities. This type of nephilim is inspired by the avatara in <i>Carnivale</i>.

A champion is a type of nephilim well attuned to magic. They have abilities rooted in magic and spellcasting. This type of nephilim is inspired by the shadowhunters in <i>Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments</i>.

<h3>by Thea for Gavin McCreedy</h3>


Jul 2 2016, 12:08 PM
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<h1>Gavin McCreedy</h1>

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<h3>29 . mason . Nick Stahl . celestial . nephilim</h3>
<hr />


<p>Gavin is 5' 10" with a thin/athletic build. He has grey eyes and his hair is dark blond and typically shaggy, but short. He has a bit of an aura about him. Gifted individuals may notice a white-blue type of glow around him that intensifies when he's using his abilities. He's a very casual, utilitarian dresser and most of his clothing is grungy and worn out. He has a lot of ripped jeans and faded shirts. He wears a lot of baggy sweatshirts and hoodies. He prefers muted colors and doesn't like to stand out in a crowd.


<p>Gavin is a bit of a loner. He's not the most socially outgoing guy, but if approached, he's typically friendly enough. He's loyal and stands by those he trusts. He's compassionate. He genuinely cares about the well-being of others. Level-headed, he's calm under pressure and good to have around in a crisis. He tends to have a calming effect on others, even if he's not making an effort to do it.
<p>Because of the light aura he carries and the soothing attributes he naturally possesses and exudes, people tend to be drawn to Gavin. This is partially why he's not super social. However, when it comes to people close to him he can be overprotective and overbearing. He's the kind of person who would rather hurt someone with the truth than make them feel better with a lie.

<p> <strong>skills</strong>

<p> Psychic Healing – Gavin can heal most wounds and afflictions in others but the more energy he has to use to heal someone the more he must absorb from something else. He can also regenerate limbs and organs, but not with his energy alone. He has to use magical assistance, such as spells and rituals, or channel the energy of other magical beings.<br><br>

Aura Reading – This ability goes along with the psychic healing and it's something that's generally not active unless he willingly turns it on to examine someone, or if he's frightened and it activates as part of his body's fight or flight response. He's able to read someone's energy and pick out aspects of it that are broken or unwell. He can sense if someone is injured, ill, emotionally damaged, or very near death. In the case of the undead, if he happens to turn on his ability for some reason, he may sense the lack of life that would be present in others. He could also pick up energy that doesn't seem to belong in the case of someone who's possessed, for example.<br><br>

Levitation – Gavin is able to rise off the ground using the will of his mind. How high he can float and for how long depend on how depleted his energy is and how focused he is. This is an ability he doesn't use often and he's not well practiced with it.<br><br>

Teleportation – Gavin has the ability to move from one place to another in the blink of an eye. He typically ends up using this ability unintentionally if he's fleeing from something, or trying to catch up to someone. He's moderately practiced with this ability and, when focused, can control it.<br><br>

Invisibility – He can choose not to appear to those with ordinary human perception if he wants to move about unnoticed. However, this ability doesn't always work with those with heightened supernatural awareness, for example: psychics, witches, and some others. He's very well practiced with this ability and it generally works with people who have ordinary perception.<br><br>

Healing – Gavin naturally heals faster than a normal human and if he chooses he can heal himself in the same way he heals others. However, it severely depletes his energy and requires a great deal of rest and recuperation, psychically. He can regenerate his own limbs and organs with magical assistance.<br><br>

<p> <strong>hindrances</strong>

<p> Dependency – Gavin is a bit of an energy vampire. If his energy is depleted and he enters a room full of people he will naturally syphon a little bit of energy from everyone until his own energy equals that of the room. The same will happen if he gets into close proximity of anyone. The less there is for him to pull from, the more he will pull from what's available. This includes living things as well as other energy sources, such as electrical appliances and batteries. This is something that's very difficult for him to control, so he tends to avoid people if he's moderately to severely weakened. If fully energized, he can also choose to syphon energy from others to achieve a high or a buzz. This is a temptation he succumbs to more often than he'd like to admit.


<p> Gavin was born to Joyce McCreedy, an eighteen-year-old single mother. He was an only child raised on a shoestring budget. His clothes and toys were always secondhand. He was picked on from an early age and he learned to be okay with that. Gavin became introverted. He got very comfortable with himself and with finding his own entertainment.<br><br>

From as far back as Gavin can remember he's been able to sense the pain of other people. It took several years for him to learn to control his aura reading ability. Until then any physical or emotional pain being felt by someone in his vicinity soaked into him like water into a sponge. He was thought of as sickly in the early years of his childhood, crying and screaming for no apparent reason. No physical explanations were found and it was determined that his condition was psychological.<br><br>

Once Gavin figured out these episodes earned him a lot of unwanted negative attention he started naturally working to block them out. Gradually, he gained control of his aura reading and learned to turn it on and off at will. By the time he was in middle school it seemed he'd grown out of his affliction.<br><br>

Growing up, Gavin had very little interest in school. He spent most of his time daydreaming and doodling, then later cutting class to smoke in the high school parking lot. The few friends he had were people who genuinely warmed up to him and earned his trust. He wasn't much for socializing.<br><br>

Gavin first learned about his healing ability when he was fifteen years old. He was walking home from school when he ran into a neighborhood kid being shoved around by some bullies. They were all younger than him and he was able to scare them off. As he was checking on the victim he touched the kid and all the nicks and scrapes disappeared. Freaked out, Gavin made the kid promise not to tell anyone what happened. The kid was so grateful, he agreed, lucky for Gavin.<br><br>

By the time Gavin graduated from high school, he had a fairly good idea of his abilities, but he didn't know where they'd come from. His mother didn't seem to know either, or if she did she was very good at hiding it. He decided he needed to find his birth father.<br><br>

The only clue he had was that his father was originally from Texas. He started by taking a bus south. Then he walked and hitchhiked when he needed to until he made it to Western Texas. Gavin spent the next four years of his life living out of cars, cheap motel rooms, and crappy apartments, bouncing from job to job, town to town. He showed an old photo of his father to anyone he could along the way.<br><br>

He found answers in a small town in central Texas with a population of less than six-hundred. It was the kind of place where everybody knew everybody. Gavin took a job at a gas station. He asked around town about his father and not long afterwards a man pulled up to a gas pump after hours. When Gavin went out to tell him they were closed the man told him he was his father.<br><br>

The next several months were a bit of a crash course for Gavin. He had several visits with his father and he got all the answers he'd wanted. Then he wasn't sure he wanted them anymore. He learned his father believed he was a demon, and that Gavin's abilities came from his demonic heritage. His mother didn't know his father's nature, but she suspected there was something wrong with him. She left him soon after she learned she was pregnant and didn't want him to have anything to do with their son's life. He stayed away until Gavin had come looking for him.<br><br>

Gavin's father taught him how to better control and hone his abilities, but Gavin began to suspect there was a reason his mother didn't want him involved with his father. He had a bad temper and had a habit of attracting trouble. Gavin left and moved on, looking for a place to settle down.


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<h3>EST . other characters: Althea Blake, Branden Ashdown, Brick Hearthstone, Winny Lumis</h3>




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