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Davina Logan


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Jul 3 2016, 07:58 PM
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<h3>29 . owns a pizzeria . evan rachel wood . mythical . unicorn</h3>
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<p>Davina stands at 5'2" and has a lithe build. She has always been on the petite side. She is naturally blonde, however, her hair has a tendency of being any color but blonde lately.


<p>Talk about your character's personality. Include positive points, negative attributes, fears, secrets, likes, dislikes, and habits.

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<p>Describe your character's background. This is freeform and can be in the form of an RP sample, first person, third person, etc. Just give us a thorough idea of your character's past, including: how they grew up, notable relationships, and development of special abilities. Use <*p> codes to separate paragraphs (remove the *).


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<h3>cst .</h3>




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